How is 5G influencing customer experience?



AR/VR capabilities and 5G

Augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) are two technology concepts providing significant benefits in this new digital reality. These technologies open new ways of working in areas such as manufacturing, gaming, media, automotive and healthcare, allowing for both increased productivity and completely new user experiences. With 5G’s high speed, processing power could be moved to the cloud, allowing for more widespread use of VR/AR technology in the public domain which could help boost interest in emerging concepts like

  • Augmented and virtual shopping
  • Using AR to see how products might look in your house in real-time.
  • Global gaming market
  • Personalized marketing


Big data processing power and 5G

5G’s capabilities are likely to raise the bar on the volume of data companies collect and increase the pace at which AI can process it to help identify customer patterns to personalize CX. We will likely see the growth of in-store personalization based on greater convergence of IoT and customer data profiles.

With 5G, the potential of these technologies are maximized without constraints in connectivity. The next generation of wireless will change that. Now live in more than two dozen markets globally, 5G is expected to account for 20% of connections worldwide by 2025. Getting the infrastructure in place is just the start. From there, the CX journey, backed by 5G tech, can realize its potential.

Example: Insurance agencies like auto insurance rely on network carriers to share data from policyholders which includes the policyholder’s car details, mileage, speed, and overall usage of the car depending on each drive. With larger mounds of data widely available through 5G, companies are taking advantage to leverage more data without having to host or own it themselves. This means greater efficiency to navigate through data more simply.


Widespread access to video support:

With low latency and faster network speeds, 5G will usher in a new era of mobile video. Video will embrace prospects that are more promising in the future. With 5G networks, high-quality video content such as UHD, 4K, 8K, and 120-frame videos will become popular for consumers, and VR, AR, interactive video, and AI-based video content will be their next hot videos. Paid video content will also change in intelligent distribution modes such as advertising, and the use of big data and AI can make video content target the right audience, which will improve video revenues.

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