What You Need to Know About Virtual Workspaces.


What Is a Virtual Workspace? 

A virtual workspace is an online simulated environment where employees communicate, collaborate, and/or work and replicate a physical office space. Instead of seeing coworkers on a video-call grid, employees in a three-dimensional workspace would join them (with an avatar) in a virtual office. Many companies, including Meta, are calling this virtual place the metaverse.

Organizations taking the lead on Virtual Reality Workspaces.

1. Microsoft Mesh:

With Microsoft Mesh users can Connect and collaborate with a feeling of presence through personalized avatars and immersive spaces. Spark creativity and foster serendipitous connections with a new generation of 2D and 3D meeting experiences.

2. Facebook Workrooms:

Workrooms is a flagship collaboration experience that lets people come together to work in the same virtual room, regardless of physical distance. It works across both virtual reality and the web and is designed to improve your team’s ability to collaborate, communicate, and connect remotely, through the power of Virtual Reality

3. vSpatial:

vSpatial is a cross-compatible virtual reality workspace made for individual users. Unlike most virtual reality workspaces that focus on meeting and collaboration amongst its users, vSpatial is geared towards increasing personal productivity. vSpatial simulates the office desk environment on users’ PCs, enabling the use of computer applications and in-app communication with other users at the same time.

4. MeetinVR:

MeetinVR provides its users with a bevvy of tools like freehand sketching, sticky notes and whiteboards within the virtual meeting room. By including these tactile features, MeetinVR caters to the niche of freestyle meetings and casual discussions that make up the usual workday for creative folks.

5. NextMeet:

NextMeet® is an Avatar based Immersive PC / VR MetaVerse platform that enables remote working, collaboration, meetings, distance learning & networking for business, education & events. A virtual experience for workers, attendees, students to meet & socialize from across the world.

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